Confession #1

Hey There Hunnies,

I hope all is well with ya. Here is something I thought I should start doing… confessions. It’s a new year for my cause my birthday was last Sunday (Nov 9) and well I’m gonna start off by trying something new. If you enjoy then let me know. Add Me On Facebook.


Well last Sunday was my 34th birthday and can I make a confession. I WAS A STRAIGHT WHORE. (lbvs) I had penis for five days straight and some of those days I doubled up (not at the same time unfortunately šŸ™ none the less I just wanted penis, nothing else. No parties, no dates, no false promises of love, just wanted to be fucked and I accomplished that so it was a good Happy Birthday To Me. Will it ever happen again? not sure but my monkey dry as the Sahara desert. lol

Anyway thanks for letting me confess. Happy Titty Tuesday ā™„