I had to decline to make a decision about whether Bill Cosby really did sexually assault all these women whom come forth. I don’t take sexual assault lightly as being a victim of it myself. However, media wants me to believe the same judicial system that has shown nothing but injustice to “our people” all of a sudden let a black man roam free after violating a white woman on the heels of the civil rights movement none the less? For the last two months or so I have had the strangest feeling that this was just all a ploy to distract us from the real injustice that “our people” no OUR COUNTRY should be in turmoil about…Mike Brown, Erick Garner, and countless other black men… AMERICANS being subjected to police brutality.

Am I the only one who feels uneasy about the visual evidence being available but not holding any validity? or the people whom swore an oath to protect and serve is getting away with murder right before our eyes? However our focus was distracted by accusations of a black man coming from a white woman. We are made to look like the heathens and monsters of our society. Unfortunately the few large steps it took years to achieve as a culture and AMERICANS has been unraveled in a little has 60 days.

Now that this distraction hopefully has been put to rest. Can we get to answering “WHAT DO WE DO NOW?” As black culture in America. How do we get on the right foot again? How do we organize to protect and serve our own communities not only from others but ourselves as well? Do we have the strength and courage to rebuild the black community from the ground up? hmmm.

Well I’m going to reflect a little more and thanks for letting me share my thoughts for this morning. #BlackLivesMatter

Latecia “Lakrush Hearts” Moore

Feedback Welcomed