A Poem Called “Selfie”


by Lakrush Hearts

Because I accept my size
does it make me blind?
I ask for I’ve lost my way.
I have been persecuted and left astray.
Because I accept my size.

From my body to my love. 
I’ve been cast away.
Family, friends, even the men I lay.
They call it tough love or grateful because they stayed.
So I ask again, does it make me blind, because I accept my size?

Here I spill my truth to this page.
I accept the amplitude of my body, 
the vastness of my mind and
the capacity my heart today.
My condolences to those whom determine to stand in my way. 
My confidence survives and can’t be taken from my side.
You may curse my very existence,
but I’ll be okay,
because I 
my size.

– Lakrush Hearts